Founded in 2016, Big Agency Licensing delivers multi-media marketing know-how, retail expertise, applied creativity and a track record of exceptional success. From its base in London, global licensing programmes are developed utilising a network of sub-agents worldwide, along with highly qualified consultants and dedicated staff in satellite offices. Big Agency Licensing is an integral part of our clients’ business, developing and executing licensing programmes that fully leverage their intellectual property, brands and related assets. With our diverse experience we build our clients’ licensing programmes and offer evaluation, licensing strategy, consulting, feasibility assessment and representation services.


Creative Media Finance is made up of three specialist partner companies, each offering unique skills and benefits to form an all-encompassing media company.

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Peter is a content and finance specialist with deep sector expertise in structuring finance for various forms of content production and distribution. Having graduated in Economics, he studied Venture Capital Fund Management at University of California, Berkeley. Peter began his career in publishing and acted as the launch Publisher of Television Week Magazine, (which is now Broadcast Magazine in the UK). In 1996 he founded London-based Big Worldwide Ltd., which has since grown into a thriving group of media and events businesses. In recent years, Peter has been appointed Chairman of several international companies in the media and finance sectors. He continues to be an active investor and incubator of media start-ups, film and television projects around the world.



An award-winning film producer who has worked on many independent film productions. His most recent feature films include Blood Orange, The Truth Commissioner and Take Down. Freefonix, his first television hit, was a ground-breaking $20 million CGI animation series for the BBC created with Magnus Fiennes. 




Sheridan de myers


Coming off the back of his first feature film, ‘The Weekend’ with the BFI, Sheridan is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the UK’s most promising young directors. He has recently been nominated for the BBC’s New Talent Hotlist 2017 by BBC Director-General Tony Hall and actor Idris Elba, as well as a Screen Nation award for his excellence in production. Sheridan's unique ability to engage an audience and evoke emotion, mixed with his commitment to getting under the skin of any project, makes him an integral part of the success of any production.

Creative Media Investments (CMI) offers investors the opportunity to support the film and TV industry by investing in an exciting range of projects. CMI specialises in targeting medium budget productions through the Silver Lining Screen Fund, an Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) aligned with government tax initiatives. This low-risk, capital retention-focused, diversified investment fund is very competitive in the market and has the potential for high returns, but most importantly, brings projects to screen.


Golden State Pictures is a British film and television Production Company set up by Chairman Peter Gould and CEO Alex Tate, each of whom have more than 20 years’ experience in the media sector. Golden State Pictures has extensive experience across the whole entertainment industry from film and television development to production to international sales. Golden State Pictures offers project support through access to funds and their strategic partnerships with UK leading international sales company, The Works and U.K. distributor, Atomic Arts a VFX post production specialists.  


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